Creativity Week: Aria

15 Mar

Todays guest is Aria who does photography, sadly we are not able to show you all of the photos she sent us as there are just to many so here are a selection. Aria got her camera for her 14th birthday and hasn’t stopped taking pictures since!

I’m a daughter of two artists, consequently I visit a lot of exhibitions, during these visits I’ve discovered that there’s other types of art than paint on a canvas, or pencil on paper…! The more exhibitions I visited the more excited I  became about photography! And finally after an inspirational exhibition by ‘Tim Walker’ I brought myself a professional camera. Starting to take photos of everything and anything. Then people began to see them and comment, I’ve had 4 commitions to take photos since September! It’s been one of the most exciting experiences of my life so far to find such a joyful hobby that I hope to continue with. Photography shows another view on life and is inspirational to me.

image_1362169092125745  image_1362168658546640  image_1362168632997366

image_1362168652044630  image_1362168625721895  image_1362168604454769

image_1362168597515900  image_1362168581184649  image_1362168564240955

image_1362168555685903          image_1362168588345916

It would be great if you gals could comment on these posts, your opinions and maybe some suggestion or submitions (for another creativity week or for another themed week altogether!). If you want to get in contact with us or any of our lovely creative guests then email Jellypop at or for more contact information go to the Contact Us page.


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