3 Jul

Here is my fictional character sleep-over party list. You know you all have one. Embarrassingly, this is only the movie section of it. Still, my sleepover will be magnificent and none of you are invited.

  1. Kat Statford, from 10 Things I Hate About You.

kat stevens 1

I know this movie is like the most lauded teen rom-com of ever, and actually I didn’t like it that much, but someone I did like is Kat Stratford. She is an angry feminist (woo hoo!), has great dress sense, and literally will take 0 shit from anybody ever. She is incredibly quotable (as in, I had to stop the movie a couple of times and just sit there and go WE COULD BE FRIENDS) and 100% will kick the patriarchy with you when you’re not writing an in depth analysis of feminist prose and listening to indie rock of the angry girl persuasion. Also she has a car. This is really important to me.

2. Edna Mode, from The Incredibles

edna 1

Edna Mode is a kick-ass 2’8″ German-Japanese fashion designer. Despite being surrounded by immensely powerful superheroes, Edna doesn’t let that get her down and instead comes up with such gems of wisdom as above. Her voice is hilarious and after seeing her you will accidentally-on-purpose answer phone calls with her accent. You know that despite her strange leathery battle-suit thingy exterior, she’d be great to eat popcorn and watch shitty soaps with. Edna Mode would deffo come to my Fictional Character Party.

3. Cameron Frye, from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

cameron 1

Although Ferris Beuller from this movie is pretty great, I actually prefer Cameron, his awkward sidekick, because I can totally sympathize. Cameron feels our pain, okay? His best friend is manipulative, awesome, popular, kind of an asshole and the most excitement he has ever had in his life. Cameron is introspective, quiet, sarcastic and kinda really nerdy. His parents suck but his fashion sense certainly does not, and Cameron can be the sassy wallflower at my totally radical rave. Also he has a beautiful car and character development which is always a winner with me.

4. Veronica, from Heathers

VERONICA 1                                                        veronica 2

In Heathers, a group of assholes (all called Heather) basically run a school due to their popularity (which is almost certainly related to the size of their shoulder pads on their oversized blazers). A girl called Veronica is “in” with them, but she sorta really hates them and the falseness of it, and her life, and basically everything, so when she gets with a bad boy she seizes the opportunity for revenge. And yeah, it gets a little out of hand, as in multiple murders out of hand, but Veronica’s there with her stylishly wispy fringe and impeccable homicide tools, to, if not save the day, at least learn from her mistakes. We like Veronica. We like this movie. We like snark, and I am dangerously in love with 90’s era hair.

5. Marjane Satrapi, from Persepolis

marjane 1                                         marjane 2

Yes, I know, Marjane Satrapi is definitely not fictional, but she is awesome, so shush. Persepolis, her autobiographical graphic novel, is so so amazing. I would invite her to my party, at any age but preferably when she was angry and punk and 15, just to hear her amazing stories of Iran from the other side, Austria from the perspective of an stranger and growing up from someone who has done it far better than any of us will ever know. I’d imagine she is also funny, clever, confident and has great music taste so she can be my DJ. She is probably my most VIP guest to this. BUT REALLY, PERSEPOLIS IS AMAZING OK SO READ PLEASE

And thus concludes this list! Or at least the movie character part…

Who are your favourite movie babes? Perfect fictional character sleepover and why? TALK TO MEE


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