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Real feminist anthems

16 Nov

As you have probably seen, as it has sort of exploded over the feminist internet, Lily Allen has made a new song. “Hard Out Here” is meant to be a feminist song but we are not too sure about that at all. You can watch it here (trigger warning for racism) At the moment this is being hailed as a “feminist anthem” and so I think its very important to have a look at what is wrong with it. A lot of what is wrong with it is very obvious just from watching for the first time, especially as it claims to be a “feminist” song, but in case you didn’t catch it all, here is our summary:

First of all is the blatant objectification and hyper-hyper sexualisation of specifically Women of Colour. This is absolutely impossible to overlook and is there for absolutely not reason! Please Lily, will you tell me how slow-mo’s of a Black woman twerking is adding to your of gender equality. Some people have tried to argue that it’s like ironic or parodying blurred lines? That is quite hard to argue whilst the woman herself has plainly stated that she was not trying to satirise the use of WoC as props. Also, as she never actually commented on the racism in the song and a real parody would have been all the WoC fully clothed, it really is not a plausible argument. There are several very slut shamy lyrics, for example “I don’t need to shake my arse for you ’cause I got a brain” *cut to WoCs shaking their arses* hmmm what you trying to say Lily? Is it that you are a racist? After watching the whole video and reading the lyrics there is a feeling that she is blaming Women of Colour in some way for the discrimination she faces, she is trying to push all the misogyny off of herself and place it on the Black women in her video.

So as you can see, maybe not the best “feminist anthem”. I am a bit confused about why people are making such a fuss about the fact that a person made a feminist song and hailing it as an anthem. Its not like there are literally hundreds of songs about feminism and gender in/equality out there already, and not all by little known feminist punk rock bands in a village in rural Canada. Like, seriously, it’s possible (wow i know) to find people who make songs that don’t make you choose between sexism and racism, or slutshaming, or homophobia, or any one of these equally disgusting things. Look, we even made a list for you to make things easier! (although these are just a few of many, and I have only chosen one song from each band/singer/etc.)

Beyonce (although she doesn’t identify as feminist, many of her songs are about how great women are) update: DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE THIS TO – BEYONCE IDENTIFIES AS FEMINIST WITH THE ADVENT OF HER INCREDIBLE NEW ALBUM Y’ALL BETTER FREAK OUT IT’S PRETTY AMAZING

Marina and the Diamonds 

Nina Simone (who is incredible, incredible)

Salt n Pepa (what more do you want than a feminist 90’s rap band)


Little Mix (who don’t identify as feminist bc they ‘don’t hate men’ but are still cool)

Janelle Monae

Missy Elliot


X-Ray Spex (because Poly Styrene is a babe)

Queen Latifah

as well as many riot grrrl tunes that sound great but are played by really ickily transphobic/in other ways problematic bands and so we try not to listen to them

have fun! enjoy! rock out! remember that feminism isn’t just for able bodied conventionally attractive rich white women! xx


Post of Love and Happiness

10 Nov

Hello my darling readers!

This is Lilipop. I have been so super stressed and not very happy the last few weeks so I thought its time for a time out and a list of happy things to look at. Sometimes things get on top of you, you feel overwhelmed, everything is stressful and so I wanted to make a list of happy things that make me feel better.

1. Have a look on (its a bit like Spotify but without ads). I have found the best playlists on there by searching “misandry”, its totes brill. Here is my number one amazing song that I discovered there recently.

2. My feminist squish blanket!


3. Here is a quote from the NUS Women’s Officer, Kelly Temple (she is so cool) which puts into words my feelings about male feminists.

“Men who want to be feminists do not need to be given a space in feminism. They need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist.”

4. Talking to Jelly, she is really funny and a great best friend. We have a great game which is basically who can keep complimenting each other of the longest (you should try it).

5. Thinking up teen politics texts (it just really makes me laugh)

But like seriously babes, why should the value of my life be measured by the amount of money I earn, its like totes cray cray.

6. My friend Sophie has a youtube channel in which she makes the BEST teen fem friendly videos

7. Making things! It could be a feminist squish blanket, a nosewarmer, a mouse called Alice, a hat or a uterus with a bow tie!


8. Lots and lots of chocolate (obviously)


18 Sep

We like Nina Simone. So here’s a playlist of some of her best to fly you through bad and good days alike. Compiled by Lilipop.


1) I wish I knew how it would feel

2) To be young, gifted and black

3) House of the rising sun

4) Little girl blues

5) For all we know

6) Sinnerman

7) Mississippi goddamn

8) Feeling good

9) Four women

10) My baby just cares for me

11) I put a spell on you

12) Sinnerman (the repetition is not a mistake).


Jelly’s Guide To Getting Less Angry (a Non-Comprehensive List)

10 Jun

Hey, Jelly speaking. You know I get angry? Quite a lot? About lots of different things? Sometimes very shoutily?

Well, I have developed some ways of coping. So I don’t hurt myself, or other people, and I still have time for the things I enjoy doing and manage to struggle through the things I don’t. If you have a similar problem (i.e being an angsty teenager who enjoys sleeping and shouting rather more than she should) then this list may be the thing for you.

But then again not. It’s very specific, this list, tailored to my oddly specific tastes when it comes to not hitting things . Still, try it. I’m sure a hot bath will do wonders for anyone ever. 

And without further ado – Jelly’s Guide to Getting Less Angry (or keeping angry when you want to be angry at things such as stupid people, whatever works for you):

  • This song.
  • Also this song.
  • Reading a classic book I know I should read, and have been meaning to do so for years, and enjoying it, to my eternal surprise. Reasons why can be found here.
  • Seeing my friends.
  • Not seeing my friends. (I’m a fickle girl, you see.)
  • Drawing on my walls. They look like this: Snapshot_20130601
  • Eating an entire bar of chocolate, or too much cake, or a Sherbet Fountain
  • Perhaps this song as well.
  • This cat, or better still, this website dedicated to cute videos of animals you never realised you wanted to see.
  • A bath, as previously mentioned. Preferably one that goes on for more than an hour, accompanied by a book and a slice of cake.
  • Putting on lots of make-up and posing shamelessly in my bed: Snapshot_20130518 (5)
  • Making a zine or a crappy piece of collaged art (my attempts can be seen here)
  • Talking to my favourite people online, because weirdly enough, it’s much easier to talk about personal things when you can’t see the person, or is that just me? (take every example of everything I have ever posted online, ever: TMI)
  • Flicking through art magazines or going to art galleries. This probably sounds really pretentious but I really like art, and if you are looking to date me (ha not likely) then an art gallery as a date will make me love you forever.
  • Going for a walk or a run. I do not in anyway call myself athletic, but it is honestly really lovely to go out sometimes.

Like I said, this list is largely silly and entirely specific to moi. When I am really down, or really ill, or REALLY angry, this usually won’t help. Still, there is the chance that I can do something on this list that can change my day from shit to not-so-much. Please talk to me in the comments and tell me your suggestions for Getting Less Angry!

Grrrrl Power playlist

16 May

Hey. Here’s a playlist all about feelin’ good, rockin’ out and just generally being one bad-ass girl.

This one was one of three Lili made for anyone who came along to Rookie Meet-Up 2012 (which I don’t go to anymore because Rookie is problematic but that’s another story)(anyway it’s a really good playlist).

Without further ado, let the excellently chosen music begin! I have thoughtfully included YouTube links for each song, for your listening pleasure m’dears. Start rocking!

  1. Mr Big Stuff
  2. Hot Topic
  3. Bloody Mother Fucking Arsehole
  4. Respect Yourself
  5. No-One’s Little Girl
  6. 32 Flavours
  7. None Of Your Business

The others are called Feministing Around Town and Nina (because we all gotta love Nina Simone), and I think I’ll post them over the next couple of days. Have fun gals!

Musical Inspiration: Karen Carpenter

23 Mar

I looked through the previous music posts and I cannot believe I have not talked about Karen Carpenter before! My favourite musicians change all the time, and right now The Carpenters (a duo of Karen and her brother) are my favourite and my favourite composer is Telemann.

Who the hell is Karen Carpenter?

Karen Carpenter was a drummer and an American pop singer in the 60s, 70s and 80s before her extremely tragic death in 1983 aged 32. She was part of the pop duo The Carpenters with her brother for most of her musical career but also played in several bands (usually including her brother) playing the drums. Together The Carpenters created a whole new sound, the started to get popular between the eras of The Beatles and the singer-songwriters of the 70’s. Their first international hit was “(They long to be) Close to you” which climbed to #2 in the American Billboard Top 100 in May 1970. They toured extensively and broke the record for the highest grossing tour in Britian. She was about to launch a solo singing career before her death. Karen suffered from anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder and a serious mental illness, for all of her musical career and her death was caused by complications of the illness.

Why Karen Carpenter is one of my favourite singers?

The best way for me to tell you why I love Karen Carpenter and her music so much is to show you!

Here is Karen Carpenter singing Rainy Days and Mondays (which is my favourite) live at the BBC in 1971.


And here is one of the songs on Karen’s solo album that was never completed and was realesed after her death.



If you listen to Karen singing and close your eyes it sounds like she right behind you singing to your soul. So many times listening to her voice just made me cry so much. Her voice was so full of emotion and depth especially towards the end of her life, the lyrics are not particularly moving but she gives them much more meaning. Most of the time I think her voice sounds incredibly sad and full of grief even when she is singing happy songs but that might be because when I think of Karen I think of her life; how unhappy she must have been with herself and how her death and illness may have been prevented by proper treatment and understanding of illnesses like anorexia. She was the #94 in the Rolling Stones Best Singer Of All Time list but in my opinion she should have been at least in the top 10.


Here is Karen doing a drum solo in The Carpenters first TV special in 1976

Here is the full concert The Carpenters did in London, 1971. Karen’s skirt is AMAAAAAAAAAZIN

Creativity Week: Lilipop and Jellypop

17 Mar

Hello, this is Lilipop and today for the last day of Creativity Week Jelly and I want to show you some of the creative stuff we do!

As you may already know, Jelly and I are both musicians. I play the viola and the bassoon and Jelly plays the flute (we also both have the ability to sing and often harminise The Beach Boys really really badly but that doesn’t count). Here I have a video I made our of a soundtrack of a concert we did and some pictures of the orchestra! Hope you enjoy!

It would be great if you gals could comment on these posts, your opinions and maybe some suggestion or submitions (for another creativity week or for another themed week altogether!). If you want to get in contact with us or any of our lovely creative guests then email Jellypop at or for more contact information go to the Contact Us page.

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