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Creativity Week: Lilipop and Jellypop

17 Mar

Hello, this is Lilipop and today for the last day of Creativity Week Jelly and I want to show you some of the creative stuff we do!

As you may already know, Jelly and I are both musicians. I play the viola and the bassoon and Jelly plays the flute (we also both have the ability to sing and often harminise The Beach Boys really really badly but that doesn’t count). Here I have a video I made our of a soundtrack of a concert we did and some pictures of the orchestra! Hope you enjoy!

It would be great if you gals could comment on these posts, your opinions and maybe some suggestion or submitions (for another creativity week or for another themed week altogether!). If you want to get in contact with us or any of our lovely creative guests then email Jellypop at jelly.pop@live.co.uk or for more contact information go to the Contact Us page.


Rock fluting is happening!

11 Nov


Jelly: Ian Anderson is an amazing person.

He is a rock flautist who makes beatbox noises with his mouth at the same time. He can sing, and he plays the mandolin, and DID I MENTION THAT HE IS A ROCK FLAUTIST??

For an aspiring flautist who is not quite sure what she is doing in a rock band, he is a blessing and an idol indeed.

Lilipop: Rock flute is an amazing genre of music! Definitely check it out! Prize to the first person who can find me a rock bassoonist/viola-ist (my instruments)!

Basically, I love him and his band, and you should love him too. Click on that link for some rockin’!

Jelly out.

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