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We are different people, if you are wondering.

11 Nov

Hi! I’m Jelly . And I’m Lilipop.

As today is the first anniversary of Jellypop and we get a lot of emails and comments from people who think we are the same person, we thought now would be a good time to tell you a bit about ourselves. At the beginning (and this really was in our baby days) Lilipop used to write in bold and me in normal. Due to my innate laziness, this plan died quietly after the 3rd or so post. Since then, we’ve been writing without names (me, sorry) and without any obvious identifiers to let you know who is actually talking. I was thinking about going over all of our old posts and doing names and the right fonts but to tell the truth I can’t really be bothered (sorry). We thought we should tell you a bit about us to prove we are not actually the same person.

I am Jelly (hi!) and I write most of the ~emotional~ side of things here at Jellypop. I really enjoy reading, and at times I am quite insecure and sad, although hopefully I am getting over that. I like drawing and baking and dancing alone in my room, and I haven’t shopped at anywhere but charity shops and bargain basements for 6 months. In the future (although I am fully aware this is a horrible question for any teenager to have to answer), I’m thinking of being a doctor or a biochemist, although in my wildest moments I dream of being in a cool girl band (although I cannot sing/play guitar/drums for shit ((Jelly is a flute playing goddess though)) and travelling the world with my cool friends. I like comfort, and in theory enjoy parties, and the way to my heart is either art galleries or late night music video channels.

And I am Lilipop. I normally try and do more informative/factual blogs because I always wanted this to be a safe learning space and I really enjoy learning about feminism from awesome blogs. I mostly do feminism but for hobbies, I go to school, am addicted to social media and do crafty making things, my favourite thing I made recently is Eugene the Uterus which is a crochet uterus with a bowtie on.  I really love my friends a lot and making internet friends is funsies but I adore going out to museums and so on with my lovely pals the most. Music-wise, I play the Viola, Bassoon and Tenor Sax. I really don’t like thinking about the future, I just try to be happy and do my best in the present. Also the future is very scary.

Basically, we are two really good friends who were ok-ish friends at the start of this blog, and now are really close. It’s pretty great. I highly recommend Lilipop as a superbuddy to moan about everything from classical music to sexist shits with, because she is the empress of the universe and you should worship her, just saying. Anyway this blog is really fun, as are you, and I’ll make sure to put my name on next time bc we are definitely different people and it’s probably important that the internet doesn’t view us as one, double-headed-two-voiced vaguely teenage amorphous entity. Bye!


Books, dude

15 Oct

Jelly says: Books, dude. Just, just, books.

I am literally writing this so someone can talk in depth with me about fictional characters and how insignificant and infinitely beautiful our lives are. These are my favourite books and they hurt me inside in a pleasant way, like a bruise or a really intense back massage. You know what I’m talking about. Read these please


Building stories is an amazing graphic novel that comes in a box filled with pamphlets and leaflets and comic strips, not in any particular order, that build up the small and fractured lives of tenants in an apartment building. It is incredible how human life is so perfectly summed up in this.

Anything by Virginia Woolf, but start with Mrs Dalloway and then swiftly progress onto To The Lighthouse (my favourite). It is very readable and real from the very start as long as you believe her utterly.

Anything by Sylvia Plath. Her poetry is (dare I say it?) better than The Bell Jar, but since The Bell Jar is one of my favourite books ever, that is really saying something.

Wide Sargasso Sea, by Jean Rhys – it’s a take on Jane Eyre (which you should also read, btw) written by a awesome PoC lady in modernish times, told from the point of view of the mad wife. It’s intense in the best possible way.

Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche – amazing and worrysome- anything by Alexander McCall Smith – fabulous – anything (but especially The Labyrinth, a collection of essays, as well as Senor Vivo and the Coco Lord) by Louis de Bernieres, who is dark and curls around your ribs and makes you laugh.

The Cloud Atlas, Birdsong (which made me cry and think of terrible things), The True Deceiver by Tove Jansson (a lovely short novel about how people are not what we think they are), His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman (omg so much better than the movie that I fall down and whimper about the beauty of the characters and also – best fricking love story ever fricking told frick my life), White Teeth by Zadie Smith (hnng people people people).

Lost at Sea is a graphic novel about growing older not up. Ghost World is about much the same thing, but is spine tingling and very funny. American Gods by Neil Gaiman. The Bloodstone Papers (about small lives and being Anglo-Indian and is written so evocatively), The God of Small Things (about love, about love, about love).

I also really like poetry, and I have lots of favourite poems and anthologies. To make this list I literally read of my bookshelf and typed the first thing that came to mind
Please tell me anything that you loved, will love, are loving right now, I have no money but I will get books by selling my clothes on the black market if need be.

whoops i was creative again

12 Jun

Look! I drew some more shit! Enjoy! This post leads on from my last attempt (please don’t judge me).

drugs zine 1

drugs zine 2

My mum is a Scientologist, and SERIOUSLY against drugs, and while I see her point, I thought it would be funny to make a zine based on exactly what I’m not meant to do.

fuck you bambi

This has literally no point apart from the fact that I really enjoy swearing, Disney and extensive and time-consuming watercolouring.

diary 2

Another spiky, angry diary.

moonrise kingdom 1

moonrise kingdom 2

A zine about vibes gained after watching the movie Moonrise Kingdom, which was visually wow. I made this with a friend, which was actually really fun and not style-crampin’ at all.

Another zine, this time a shitty attempt at autobiography. Although I am quite proud of the title. It sums me up pretty well, even if you can’t read the writing (ugh why did i write with such a shitty pen oh well no regrets).

iced buns and bad puns 1

iced buns and bad puns 2

This side has a fold out, on the read me page, and on it I’ve written a list of books I want to read and books I’ve read and loved.

And last but not least, the exceedingly strange drago-kitty who just wants to fuck shit up! I blame this on Cat, who gave me a request for ‘kitten breathing fire and insulting me’, and really, how would I refuse? Again, no excuse.

you suck kitty

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