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Post of Love and Happiness

10 Nov

Hello my darling readers!

This is Lilipop. I have been so super stressed and not very happy the last few weeks so I thought its time for a time out and a list of happy things to look at. Sometimes things get on top of you, you feel overwhelmed, everything is stressful and so I wanted to make a list of happy things that make me feel better.

1. Have a look on www.8tracks.com (its a bit like Spotify but without ads). I have found the best playlists on there by searching “misandry”, its totes brill. Here is my number one amazing song that I discovered there recently.


2. My feminist squish blanket!


3. Here is a quote from the NUS Women’s Officer, Kelly Temple (she is so cool) which puts into words my feelings about male feminists.

“Men who want to be feminists do not need to be given a space in feminism. They need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist.”

4. Talking to Jelly, she is really funny and a great best friend. We have a great game which is basically who can keep complimenting each other of the longest (you should try it).

5. Thinking up teen politics texts (it just really makes me laugh)

But like seriously babes, why should the value of my life be measured by the amount of money I earn, its like totes cray cray.

6. My friend Sophie has a youtube channel in which she makes the BEST teen fem friendly videos


7. Making things! It could be a feminist squish blanket, a nosewarmer, a mouse called Alice, a hat or a uterus with a bow tie!


8. Lots and lots of chocolate (obviously)


Jelly’s Guide To Getting Less Angry (a Non-Comprehensive List)

10 Jun

Hey, Jelly speaking. You know I get angry? Quite a lot? About lots of different things? Sometimes very shoutily?

Well, I have developed some ways of coping. So I don’t hurt myself, or other people, and I still have time for the things I enjoy doing and manage to struggle through the things I don’t. If you have a similar problem (i.e being an angsty teenager who enjoys sleeping and shouting rather more than she should) then this list may be the thing for you.

But then again not. It’s very specific, this list, tailored to my oddly specific tastes when it comes to not hitting things . Still, try it. I’m sure a hot bath will do wonders for anyone ever. 

And without further ado – Jelly’s Guide to Getting Less Angry (or keeping angry when you want to be angry at things such as stupid people, whatever works for you):

  • This song.
  • Also this song.
  • Reading a classic book I know I should read, and have been meaning to do so for years, and enjoying it, to my eternal surprise. Reasons why can be found here.
  • Seeing my friends.
  • Not seeing my friends. (I’m a fickle girl, you see.)
  • Drawing on my walls. They look like this: Snapshot_20130601
  • Eating an entire bar of chocolate, or too much cake, or a Sherbet Fountain
  • Perhaps this song as well.
  • This cat, or better still, this website dedicated to cute videos of animals you never realised you wanted to see.
  • A bath, as previously mentioned. Preferably one that goes on for more than an hour, accompanied by a book and a slice of cake.
  • Putting on lots of make-up and posing shamelessly in my bed: Snapshot_20130518 (5)
  • Making a zine or a crappy piece of collaged art (my attempts can be seen here)
  • Talking to my favourite people online, because weirdly enough, it’s much easier to talk about personal things when you can’t see the person, or is that just me? (take every example of everything I have ever posted online, ever: TMI)
  • Flicking through art magazines or going to art galleries. This probably sounds really pretentious but I really like art, and if you are looking to date me (ha not likely) then an art gallery as a date will make me love you forever.
  • Going for a walk or a run. I do not in anyway call myself athletic, but it is honestly really lovely to go out sometimes.

Like I said, this list is largely silly and entirely specific to moi. When I am really down, or really ill, or REALLY angry, this usually won’t help. Still, there is the chance that I can do something on this list that can change my day from shit to not-so-much. Please talk to me in the comments and tell me your suggestions for Getting Less Angry!

Fudge yeah books

9 Apr

Jelly speaking.

I read, probably (definitely) too much for my own good. When I am in school, a good deal of my brain power is spent wondering whether I can sneak a book under my desk. This has, understandably, gained me a reputation as nerd among my classmates and family, but popular culture now says nerds are cool, so I’m safe. Reading is definitely sexy.

It’s half term right now, and I know that I have spent a worrying proportion of it escaping from my friends and family trying to find a quiet place to read. Recently, however,  I’ve been reading more than Harry Potter and my ever-beloved Terry Pratchett. For the second time I’ve tried to read the classics that my book mad older sister and English teacher have passionately recommended to me, and I don’t know, this time round it clicked. Not everything, I grant you, but in the past couple of weeks I have devoured my first Woolf, tried George Eliot and read Jane Austen all over again.

It’s just something about another world and the feel of ink upon my questing eyeballs, where no-one can judge me and and I can think whatever I want to think. I’ve loved it since I was small. I like to learn subconsciously and to get that obscure reference or even make some of my own. I like it when you can talk anxiously about a book character with someone you hardly know and imagine them anyway you want. I like the way books can start wars or revolutions or make me cry or change somebody’s mind. I am a passionate advocate of the written word.

Just to annoy all of you book purists out there, I do own a Kindle, gifted to me by my parents. The greatest thing about it is probably the free/very cheap books. This means I can read loads of classics which I never would have bothered to buy otherwise. It still amazes me that you can buy the entirity of Charles Dickens for free! Books like To The Lighthouse, the Odessey, Pride and Prejudice (along with anything you can imagine which is a classic) are there at the click of a button. At the risk of sounding like a Amazon salesperson, honestly, it’s great.

I know that Lilipop doesn’t read as much anymore, because she is so insanely busy all of the time changing the world and creating sparkly rainbows, but we both still really enjoy ink and paper (or a Kindle screen) for the freedom it brings. Read. It is the greatest gift, which is why education is so important. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I had been denied this skill because of my gender, or the colour of my skin, or my wealth. This is what I preach, people, and I pity the fool who doesn’t get it.

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