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A few thoughts about london pride 2016

25 Jun

Fuck mainstream pride
Fuck the straight homophobes (ie most london pride attendees)
Fuck the police
Fuck the god damn military
Fuck the colonialist racism
Fuck the violent misogyny
Fuck the islamaphobia and antisemitism
And fuck the people that tolerate it.

Sick of my social media right now. Full of straight people at the Starbucks no filter photobooth and a viral picture of a police man proposing.

London pride doesn’t make me proud.

Pride is a Protest! Pride is radical love, for yourself and fellow queers. Pride is anti-fascist, decolonial and feminist. Pride is ACAB!

I don’t have a problem with mainstream pride being a party, I have a problem with it being so exclusive it is impossible to show real solidarity to fellow queers.

Where do my undocumented queers go?
Where do my queers observing shabbat or fasting for Ramadan go?
Where do my queers suffering ptsd from state violence go?
My transfeminine queers, my poor queers, my disabled queers?

London Pride doesn’t make me proud, it makes me scared and angry.


Fat Grrrls Rule… I just wish everyone knew

18 Nov

This is Lilipop and from some of my previous posts, you may have guessed that I am really into body positivity and fat acceptance movements. I really think fat girls are amazing and the body positivity part of feminism has helped me so much. I really love most of the fat acceptance activism and awareness raising things I have seen, it is so refreshing to see differently shaped women in a “normal” frame and not being labelled disgusting, shameful and generally the worst possible thing ever. It kind of makes me realise I am quite happy being fat and the only times I am unhappy about my body is when people say nasty things about me or fatness. My body does not detract anything from my quality of life, happiness, health or even ability to do sport if I want to (I don’t). There is nothing wrong with my body, fat, cellulite, stretch marks or double chin; in fact, my body is incredible, my fat keeps me warm, my cellulite reminds me I am real, my stretch marks are a beautiful pattern on my skin and my double chin is FIERCE!

I just wished other people knew this. Although I want to love myself, accept what and who I am, but I worry all the time. What do my family think? Do my friends still love me? (Jelly speaking: YES THEY DO) Do they see me the way I see myself or do they see me how society describes me, lazy, ugly, stupid, repulsive? I don’t know and I think about it a lot. I know that random people on the street feel this way, I have seen them staring with a kind of hatred in their eyes. I like to think that anyone who is my friend would never reject me or make fun of me because of my weigh and the way I look but is that realistic?

One thing that makes it worse is I cannot see myself or positive images of myself anywhere, it is hard to think of anyone who is a positive role model in mainstream media and is fat. Scientists, actors, musicians, writers, tv presenters and even politicians it is hard to think of many fat women who are displayed positively in the media, we are all but invisible. This is all ridiculous because there are an incredible amount of inspiring, inventive, funny, outgoing, intelligent fat women in the UK and EVERYWHERE! Yet there are nowhere to be found if I open a women’s magazine or turn on the TV.

It is so hard to imagine the future me. We are taught so aggressively that fat is an evil, undesirable thing that it is expected that any aspirational future self will be thinner. We don’t see anyone happy, successful and fat in the media; when I was little I thought that I would never be able to become a scientist or a writer because everyone would be so disgusted by my fat that they would hate me on the spot. I don’t want the future me to be thin, I want the future me to be happy and to keep loving herself.

Some days I feel so disgusted with myself, for being fat, for eating anything, for taking up so much space, for having such large clothes, even for my brilliant double chin and I am absolutely terrified that I will never feel better, I will never love myself again, I will spend the rest of my life agonising about every inch of cellulite, every spoon of yogurt or centimetre on the waistband of my jeans. I don’t want to think like that again ever. I can’t help but feeling if I had more fat women to look up to and aspire to be like, I wouldn’t be so scared. Firstly because I have assurance that I will be able to succeed despite my weight as others have but also so I know that other people see my body as I see it.

I know so many fat girls that have made my life infinitely more special, they are sparkling, strong people and they are beautiful. When I am older I want to be like Kaye and Beth and Kelly and Melissa and Gloria and Megan because Fat Grrrlz Rule, I just wish everyone else knew that!

Post of Love and Happiness

10 Nov

Hello my darling readers!

This is Lilipop. I have been so super stressed and not very happy the last few weeks so I thought its time for a time out and a list of happy things to look at. Sometimes things get on top of you, you feel overwhelmed, everything is stressful and so I wanted to make a list of happy things that make me feel better.

1. Have a look on www.8tracks.com (its a bit like Spotify but without ads). I have found the best playlists on there by searching “misandry”, its totes brill. Here is my number one amazing song that I discovered there recently.


2. My feminist squish blanket!


3. Here is a quote from the NUS Women’s Officer, Kelly Temple (she is so cool) which puts into words my feelings about male feminists.

“Men who want to be feminists do not need to be given a space in feminism. They need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist.”

4. Talking to Jelly, she is really funny and a great best friend. We have a great game which is basically who can keep complimenting each other of the longest (you should try it).

5. Thinking up teen politics texts (it just really makes me laugh)

But like seriously babes, why should the value of my life be measured by the amount of money I earn, its like totes cray cray.

6. My friend Sophie has a youtube channel in which she makes the BEST teen fem friendly videos


7. Making things! It could be a feminist squish blanket, a nosewarmer, a mouse called Alice, a hat or a uterus with a bow tie!


8. Lots and lots of chocolate (obviously)


18 Sep

We like Nina Simone. So here’s a playlist of some of her best to fly you through bad and good days alike. Compiled by Lilipop.


1) I wish I knew how it would feel

2) To be young, gifted and black

3) House of the rising sun

4) Little girl blues

5) For all we know

6) Sinnerman

7) Mississippi goddamn

8) Feeling good

9) Four women

10) My baby just cares for me

11) I put a spell on you

12) Sinnerman (the repetition is not a mistake).



3 Jul

Here is my fictional character sleep-over party list. You know you all have one. Embarrassingly, this is only the movie section of it. Still, my sleepover will be magnificent and none of you are invited.

  1. Kat Statford, from 10 Things I Hate About You.

kat stevens 1

I know this movie is like the most lauded teen rom-com of ever, and actually I didn’t like it that much, but someone I did like is Kat Stratford. She is an angry feminist (woo hoo!), has great dress sense, and literally will take 0 shit from anybody ever. She is incredibly quotable (as in, I had to stop the movie a couple of times and just sit there and go WE COULD BE FRIENDS) and 100% will kick the patriarchy with you when you’re not writing an in depth analysis of feminist prose and listening to indie rock of the angry girl persuasion. Also she has a car. This is really important to me.

2. Edna Mode, from The Incredibles

edna 1

Edna Mode is a kick-ass 2’8″ German-Japanese fashion designer. Despite being surrounded by immensely powerful superheroes, Edna doesn’t let that get her down and instead comes up with such gems of wisdom as above. Her voice is hilarious and after seeing her you will accidentally-on-purpose answer phone calls with her accent. You know that despite her strange leathery battle-suit thingy exterior, she’d be great to eat popcorn and watch shitty soaps with. Edna Mode would deffo come to my Fictional Character Party.

3. Cameron Frye, from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

cameron 1

Although Ferris Beuller from this movie is pretty great, I actually prefer Cameron, his awkward sidekick, because I can totally sympathize. Cameron feels our pain, okay? His best friend is manipulative, awesome, popular, kind of an asshole and the most excitement he has ever had in his life. Cameron is introspective, quiet, sarcastic and kinda really nerdy. His parents suck but his fashion sense certainly does not, and Cameron can be the sassy wallflower at my totally radical rave. Also he has a beautiful car and character development which is always a winner with me.

4. Veronica, from Heathers

VERONICA 1                                                        veronica 2

In Heathers, a group of assholes (all called Heather) basically run a school due to their popularity (which is almost certainly related to the size of their shoulder pads on their oversized blazers). A girl called Veronica is “in” with them, but she sorta really hates them and the falseness of it, and her life, and basically everything, so when she gets with a bad boy she seizes the opportunity for revenge. And yeah, it gets a little out of hand, as in multiple murders out of hand, but Veronica’s there with her stylishly wispy fringe and impeccable homicide tools, to, if not save the day, at least learn from her mistakes. We like Veronica. We like this movie. We like snark, and I am dangerously in love with 90’s era hair.

5. Marjane Satrapi, from Persepolis

marjane 1                                         marjane 2

Yes, I know, Marjane Satrapi is definitely not fictional, but she is awesome, so shush. Persepolis, her autobiographical graphic novel, is so so amazing. I would invite her to my party, at any age but preferably when she was angry and punk and 15, just to hear her amazing stories of Iran from the other side, Austria from the perspective of an stranger and growing up from someone who has done it far better than any of us will ever know. I’d imagine she is also funny, clever, confident and has great music taste so she can be my DJ. She is probably my most VIP guest to this. BUT REALLY, PERSEPOLIS IS AMAZING OK SO READ PLEASE

And thus concludes this list! Or at least the movie character part…

Who are your favourite movie babes? Perfect fictional character sleepover and why? TALK TO MEE

That time I dyed my legs purple

29 May

So one Thursday, on the way home from school, I decided I wanted to dye my leg hair purple. It was an amazing experience so I decided to show you what went well and what to avoid.

The first thing you need when dying your leg hair is a pair of legs. Here is an example (my legs):
It is preferable that the legs you choose have hair on them, as you will be dying the hair.

NEXT you should probably grab an assistant. Here is an example:
My assistant is Jelly.

And to dye your legs you also need some hair dye. I choose purple, cos its the best colour, but if you want another colour-or several then knock yourself out! I used permanent hair dye because semi permanent comes off on colours and sheets and it wears off really quickly! Here is my hair dye:
The disadvantage of permanent dye will be discussed later…

Now on with the dying! (You should probably do this in the bathroom)

This is the stuff that was in the box, very artfully arranged by yours truly. Make sure you have everything that the box says it has in it. Chances are you need it.


You also need some plastic glove things.

Next you need make the dye work or activate it or something. Just read the instructions.


Here is me making the dye work.

Now put on your plastic gloves otherwise your hands WILL turn purple for at least several days.


Here is me being precautions with my plastic gloves and my small hands.

*NOTE* If you have leg hair that is not very very blonde and the could you have chosen is not very dark then you will need you bleach your leg hair. You can use regular hair bleach or you can get special body hair bleach. The hair dye I got has magic bleach stuff in them so I didn’t bleach mine.

NOW IT IS TIME. I had never dyed any of my hair before this so I was super nervous but luckily I have my glamorous assistant JELLY who is very experienced. I just put the dye straight on my legs but you should not do this unless you are prepared to have coloured legs for several days.


Some suggestions I have had to protect skin from getting stained is to put vaseline on your legs before you put the dye on or use semi-permanent dye and then the get-dye-off-skin wipes.

Cover all the parts of your leg that you want to be colourful. I just did my lower leg because that is where most of my leg hair is. Looking back I think it is a better idea to do your whole leg or feet as well or else it looks quite strange.


Make sure all of the dyeing area is covered and roughly even.

Then do the other leg!


Yeah… I didn’t do this so well.

Now you have to wait for the time it says on the box before washing the dye off. We had quite a lot of dye left and had half an hour to kill so WE DYED OUR HAIR!


Here is Jelly with the bleach bits of her hair being dyed.

Okay, so the time is up! I left the dye on for a few minutes more than the box said because I have quite dark hair and that’s what Jelly told me to do but DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND PLEASE DON’T BLAME ME!!


Here are my legs with the dye on.

So next wash off the dye. If you have used the semi-permanent dye or vaseline then you will need to use wipes to get that off your skin. The semi-permenant dye might still stain your legs a bit but it should come off if you wipe it a lot in 24 hours ish. If you used vaseline then I don’t know what will happen (if you use this method I would love to know if it worked so please let me know!)


As you can see my legs are still very stained.

I washed my legs a bit more with get-dye-off-skin wipes and it faded a bit.


Very purple legs.

And here are my legs the next day. They faded a bit but they stayed this colour for about 5 days before fading more than not being purple anymore. The actual hair on my legs is still a bit purple though.


In conclusion this was an awesome confidence building experience for me as well as a bonding experience for all of my friends we all ended up with at least a bit of us turned purple. I loved having purple legs for the short time they were purple, in spite of the mixed responses I got. To me this is another way to love myself and have fun. When I do dye my legs again (green next time I think) I will definitely be using permanent dye but I will bleach the hair before hand so it shows up better. I apologise for the photography in this post but I hope you are inspired to dye some of your body hair or get creative, I would love to hear about what you get up to or maybe even some pictures!

Its about the the Choice!

2 May

So as you might have guessed from my previous posts or if you follow me on twitter, I am totally pro-body hair and here is why:

Its really cool, you can plait it, dye it and all sorts of fun stuff!

Its a two fingered salute to the Patriarchy (and you don’t even have to do anything!!)

It gets really softie and nice when you grow it out as well.

Its like wearing an extra pair of tights when its cold but it doesn’t make you too hot in summer because human hair is hollow.

Money spent on hair removal cream —> Money spent on CHOCOLATE (or other treats)

Its the way all the cool people know who the other cool people are.

Time spent scraping hair off my body —> Time spent blogging! (or reading or watching TV or knitting micro bunnies)


“BUT LILIPOP” I hear you say “Stop being such a yucky feminist, I don’t like my leg hair. Its ITCHY”

Well dear Reader. You do make an excellent point. You don’t have to grow your body hair, you may not like it, it might be ichy, you might like having smooth skin or there might not be a reason why you like to shave (or wax or epilate or tweeze…) and that is fine. Although I think body hair is cool as several cucumbers if you don’t like it then you do what the hell you want with your body! If shaving makes you feel like a rad chick then you do that sister! If you like spending some quality time with yourself by waxing away those wisps of underarm hair then well done, I admire your pain threashold.

The point of growing my body hair is not only about having body hair but about the CHOICE (isn’t that a brilliant word?). That is the secret behind most of feminism. The Patriarchy gives us little boxes we must fit into if we are to be “beautiful” or wanted and so the choice we are given is not between how we want our body hair to be but between societal acceptance. You might not want to walk down the street in shorts with your leg hair swaying in the wind but you SHOULD have the right to choose to. I want to have the option of growing all the hair on my body to look like a yeti and I want the option of having every single little hair lazered off my body. I might not use all those options and I might not go to such extreames (although yetis are amazing) but I want to be able to CHOOSE without isolation, without embaressment, without harrassment and without shame.

Now I’m off to plait my leg hair…

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