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Real feminist anthems

16 Nov

As you have probably seen, as it has sort of exploded over the feminist internet, Lily Allen has made a new song. “Hard Out Here” is meant to be a feminist song but we are not too sure about that at all. You can watch it here (trigger warning for racism) At the moment this is being hailed as a “feminist anthem” and so I think its very important to have a look at what is wrong with it. A lot of what is wrong with it is very obvious just from watching for the first time, especially as it claims to be a “feminist” song, but in case you didn’t catch it all, here is our summary:

First of all is the blatant objectification and hyper-hyper sexualisation of specifically Women of Colour. This is absolutely impossible to overlook and is there for absolutely not reason! Please Lily, will you tell me how slow-mo’s of a Black woman twerking is adding to your of gender equality. Some people have tried to argue that it’s like ironic or parodying blurred lines? That is quite hard to argue whilst the woman herself has plainly stated that she was not trying to satirise the use of WoC as props. Also, as she never actually commented on the racism in the song and a real parody would have been all the WoC fully clothed, it really is not a plausible argument. There are several very slut shamy lyrics, for example “I don’t need to shake my arse for you ’cause I got a brain” *cut to WoCs shaking their arses* hmmm what you trying to say Lily? Is it that you are a racist? After watching the whole video and reading the lyrics there is a feeling that she is blaming Women of Colour in some way for the discrimination she faces, she is trying to push all the misogyny off of herself and place it on the Black women in her video.

So as you can see, maybe not the best “feminist anthem”. I am a bit confused about why people are making such a fuss about the fact that a person made a feminist song and hailing it as an anthem. Its not like there are literally hundreds of songs about feminism and gender in/equality out there already, and not all by little known feminist punk rock bands in a village in rural Canada. Like, seriously, it’s possible (wow i know) to find people who make songs that don’t make you choose between sexism and racism, or slutshaming, or homophobia, or any one of these equally disgusting things. Look, we even made a list for you to make things easier! (although these are just a few of many, and I have only chosen one song from each band/singer/etc.)

Beyonce (although she doesn’t identify as feminist, many of her songs are about how great women are) update: DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE THIS TO – BEYONCE IDENTIFIES AS FEMINIST WITH THE ADVENT OF HER INCREDIBLE NEW ALBUM Y’ALL BETTER FREAK OUT IT’S PRETTY AMAZING

Marina and the Diamonds 

Nina Simone (who is incredible, incredible)

Salt n Pepa (what more do you want than a feminist 90’s rap band)


Little Mix (who don’t identify as feminist bc they ‘don’t hate men’ but are still cool)

Janelle Monae

Missy Elliot


X-Ray Spex (because Poly Styrene is a babe)

Queen Latifah

as well as many riot grrrl tunes that sound great but are played by really ickily transphobic/in other ways problematic bands and so we try not to listen to them

have fun! enjoy! rock out! remember that feminism isn’t just for able bodied conventionally attractive rich white women! xx



18 Sep

We like Nina Simone. So here’s a playlist of some of her best to fly you through bad and good days alike. Compiled by Lilipop.


1) I wish I knew how it would feel

2) To be young, gifted and black

3) House of the rising sun

4) Little girl blues

5) For all we know

6) Sinnerman

7) Mississippi goddamn

8) Feeling good

9) Four women

10) My baby just cares for me

11) I put a spell on you

12) Sinnerman (the repetition is not a mistake).


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