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18 Sep

We like Nina Simone. So here’s a playlist of some of her best to fly you through bad and good days alike. Compiled by Lilipop.


1) I wish I knew how it would feel

2) To be young, gifted and black

3) House of the rising sun

4) Little girl blues

5) For all we know

6) Sinnerman

7) Mississippi goddamn

8) Feeling good

9) Four women

10) My baby just cares for me

11) I put a spell on you

12) Sinnerman (the repetition is not a mistake).



Musical Inspiration: Nina Simone

23 Nov

I love music. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t play music, listen to music, FEEL music. (This sounds very teenager-y, I know.)

I play music on my viola and bassoon (the best instruments, of course) and I mostly play classical or folk music. At this moment in time my favourite piece to play is Telemann’s viola concerto in G major and my favourite composer is Shostakovich. If you have never heard of them, I HIGHLY recommend looking them up.

Although I mainly play classical music, some of my biggest musical inspirations or influences do not come from classical music. These influences help me put more feeling and depth into my playing. The person who I think has influenced my playing most is Nina Simone. Some of my other great musical inspirations include Billy Holiday, Karen Carpenter and sometimes Lady Ella :-).

Nina Simone’s music is diverse, from light jazz type stuff to deep civil rights protest songs. All of her songs are life changingly moving, each with its own personality. No two songs are very similar.

One of Nina’s civil rights songs is Four Women. It is about the four stereotypes of black women in America at that time. It makes me cry every time I listen to it. Another one of Nina Simone’s civil rights songs is Mississippi Goddamn. This song sounds upbeat and cheerful but if you listen to the lyrics, it starts to sound a bit sinister. Mississippi Goddamn is a protest against a bombing of a segregated church for blacks, killing two children and it was banned in several southern states. There is a link above if you want to listen to it.

Many people say that Sinnerman is Nina Simone’s best song and I agree. It is my favourite Nina song. I can not think of words to describe how amazing I feel when I listen to Sinnerman. There is a link to the son above. I suggest listening to the song at least twice!


I have written this off the top of my head so please double check for facts and this is all my opinion.

Love and kisses

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