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2014: The Year of the Selfie

1 Jan

This is Lilipop.

I am not going to do a review of 2013 for my New Years post, like everyone else seems to be doing, for many reasons – the first of which being I can’t actually remember what I did this year – so instead I am going to talk about a challenge I am going to take part in for the whole of this next year, 2014.

2013 was the year of many things but it was the year I discovered the selfie. Before August I didn’t have Instagram, let alone Sapchat, so the only selfies I took where the odd webcam picture with Jelly or a pic if I couldn’t decide what to wear so needed second opinions (yes, the struggle is real). In August I had the amazing opportunity to go to America for #SPARKCamp13, a 3 day camp for girls in SPARK Movement. Among the many things I got from my gorgeous SPARK sisters, the most relevant thing to this post is – after extensive manipulation they managed to bully me into getting Instagram. After a few days I caved and got Snapchat as well.

Since then selfies have become a part of everyday life. From taking a selfie with my baby sis for the landmark event of buying her first bra to sneaky Snapchats to my American SPARK sisters in my geography lessons, selfies are a part of the way I communicate and commemorate. The media, and even some feminist media (*ahem* JEZABEL *ahem*), calls girls narcissistic and says selfies are a “cry for help” but to me there is nothing more radical than celebrating with a cheeky selfies. To me a selfie says oh yeah gurrrrrrrl its my time to shine! Selfies promote self-acceptance and love, whats not to love?

In 2014 I will be participating in the #365FeministSelfie challenge, to help me continue the ongoing struggle of loving myself in this world of misogynistic advertising, be comfortable with what I perceive as flaws and to celebrate being me! I think it will also be a completely fantastic way of documenting my year. I have created this tumblr blog for the challenge www.365daysoflilipop.tumblr.com so follow if you are a selfie positive gem or just love my face (lets face it, who doesn’t). Jelly will probably be featuring a lot! If you are also participating then I would LOVE to have a chat or see your blog/insta/however you are documenting and if not then I encourage you to increase your selfie production in 2014, the year of the selfie.



10 Mar

Hello! This is Lilipop and I would like to introduce a special CREATIVITY WEEK!

Creativity does not just mean painting but peoms, music videos and photographs. I want to see different and wonderful ways people express themselves, what people are passionate about, what they enjoy and why. So I asked some people to come and show us!

I will be uploading a blog post every day this week with a new person and a way that they like to be creative. It will start tomorrow and finish on Saturday. I HOPE to make themed weeks a regular thing but I don’t think I will unless I get some good feedback.

It would be great if you gals could comment on these posts, your opinions and maybe some suggestion or submitions (for another creativity week or for another themed week altogether!). If you want to get in contact with us or any of our lovely creative guests  then email Jellypop at jelly.pop@live.co.uk or for more contact information go to the Contact Us page.

LOOK! We can make noises and stuff.

26 Dec

HELLO! Lilipop here. As you may have noticed, Jelly and I rather like music. So far we have done quite a few posts about music we like listening to but we haven’t posted anything about the music we play.

This is what music-y things I do: I play the viola and bassoon in various school orchestras and at my saturday music school (CYM) I also sing in 2 or 3 choirs. I do other music things outside of school like South London Youth Orchestra and LSO On Track. All of this is mostly classical with the occasional bit of jazz and various other stuff. It sounds really weird but classical music is my most favouritist thing to play but listening to it makes me fall asleep.

Jelly speaking: I don’t do much music outside of school, although in school I am a happy member of Chamber Choir (my guilty pleasure is classical choral music. I know, I’m a sad sod). I went to Animate Orchestra before going to The Band, with Lilipop, which was actually the best thing ever until I tried The Band. My flute is seriously great and I will talk about the virtues of my chosen instrument at length to anyone who will listen.

One thing we both do is The Band. The Band is basically a group of young people making/writing their own music. If you want to know more about The Band, here is the website . The last project Jelly and I did with The Band was a piece of music based on Ecclesiastical Actions by Zimmerman. We wrote it ourselves and performed it in The Clore Ballroom in The Royal Festival Hall. I got hold of the soundtrack and some photos then edited it (really REALLY) badly to make a video for you to listen to/watch. We would LURVE any feedback or questions you may have for us, contact details on the Contact Us page. ENJOY!

The Band. CLICK!

Jelly’s Feminism

25 Nov

Jelly speaking:

I consider myself a feminist. yet I’m not a ‘traditional’ feminist. By this, I mean that I’m not a patriarchy bashing bra-burning (although of course this never actually happened and was bigged up by the sexist press) hairy lady.

Lilipop is a lot more passionate about the cause than I am, and I admire her for this and I think she is brave for really showing what she’s about, although personally I think that I am way too lazy for this whole-hearted attack. My interpretation of feminism is more toned down – I try to be funny and somehow meld it into the part of myself that wants to wear make-up and be skinny and be cool. This seems like an impossible task, as indeed it is, but it works because the other part of me cares about human rights and the LGBT movement and having hairy armpits and reading Freud in my spare time.

I’ve been a feminist for a while now, although it’s only recently that I have bceome more clued up on it, more so than just a vague ‘sexism is shit’ feeling. Twitter in general has really helped with this. The Twitter Feminist Youth Army has given me support in finding out what it means and what feminism stands for. More than a few of my hopeful tweets asking for helpful girl-power links have been answered with truly interesting stuff. Whoo! The internet is truly a blessing!

As much as I love Lilipop (Lilipop: Love you too Jelly!), we are different on this point. Despite the fact that we both go to girl’s schools, she is a lot more open about her beliefs. If I tried that in my school (as indeed I have) I would get a lot of weird looks and general ‘WTF is she doing?’ feelings, and although I know that I shouldn’t care about this, I do, and it is one of the points that I need to buck up on (Lilipop: Also, my school is a lot bigger so no one really knows who I am and therefore doesn’t care it my legs are smooth, hairy or purple. Jelly’s school is a lot smaller so she would probably get more shit than I do) . If someone says something sexist, I will shout it out though. My stance on this has created a few moments of awkwardness with some of my closest friends, and although I don’t like this for the gap it creates between us, it does let me see where we really stand. For example, I was listening to Santa Baby with a few friends as part of the whole ‘IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS MEDLEYS’ mentality I like to cultivate and I remarked, casually I thought, upon the sexism of the song. I mean, come on, it’s talking about how she will exchange sex for a convertible. I softened the blow with a remark about how Santa was never meant to be thought of that way. My friend turned round, eyes blazing, and said ‘Just shut up with your feminism already! It’s really boring! Just relax!’

My view about this sort of thing is that sexism starts in little things like that, and that sexism can only be truly got rid of if we spot it in anything at all!

I was first introduced to feminism by my sister. When smaller, I asked why she had hairy armpits. She replied it was because she was a feminist and didn’t beleive hair was weird. As a hairy and unsure preteen, I was hooked. She showed me Rookie, and I learnt that feminism was for everyone and above all it was fun! She gave me long talks about how I could be, and I should be, whatever the heck I wanted to be. She offered me her expansive collection of intellectual and dusty books with names like Breast Stories and Socialism and Capitalism for the Intelligent Lady. I absorbed and read and listened to Le Tigre and to Lilipop and woke up one day and realised that sexism is absolute bullshit.

It wasn’t quite like that really. In fact, a lot more of my enlightenment was due to the devoted efforts of Lilipop upon my ignorant ears, which I’m sure she’d be delighted to tell you all about.

So. Yeah. That is my shit done. Feminism gets me angry and happy and wanting to do something, and I feel it’s got to be for real if it can do that to an unsure lazy teen who can hardly be bothered to make toast. I’m sticking to my guns here on this one.

Tell me about your feminist enlightenment stories! Tell me about cool stuff you’ve read recently about feminism! Tell me about lady news! Don’t tell me anything at all! It’s your choice, and when you get down to it, it’s your rights.
(Lilipop:If you do choose to tell us cool stuff, you can leave a comment or there is an email address to contact us with on the Contact Us page)

Jelly out.