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10 Dec
Hi! Lilipop here!
The Twitter Youth Feminist Army is a network of young people who met thought Twitter and support each other in their journey to feminism. The TYFA has many members (and will hopefully have many more in future) who have interests in all areas of feminism, different political and religious views, currently ranges in age from 14-27 and has members all over Great Britain!
To me it is a life line to like minded people, who share my views and values. It is an intersectional feminist group who are inclusive to all, regardless of age, religion or ethnicity. It is a place to learn and to teach, to share and to experience. Most importantly, the TYFA shows people that feminism is far from dead and show a different type of feminist that is so often stereotyped. I think I may currently be the second youngest member of the Twitter Youth Feminist Army and I have found each and every person I have met through the group a supportive and I know I will be an active and supportive member for many years to come!
We has all been feminist for different lengths of time: years, months or decades but will always need help and support from our fellow feminists. Emily feels she has always been a feminist but only just started identifying as a feminist. “I’ve not called myself a feminist all my life (though I’d like to claim it was my first ever word). I’ve identified as a feminist for around a year I’d say”.  Millie, however,  has always identified as a feminist. “I’ve been brought up with feminism my entire life, with my mum and dad both identifying as feminists.”
There has been talk of feminism being dead or dying recently, however we aim to prove them wrong with a new generation of feminists! We all became (or started identifying as) feminists for different reasons, showing there is still a great need for feminism and our struggle is not over. Some of us have drifted or stumbled into feminism, such as Jemma , who says that “I sort of stumbled, very fortunately and quite by accident, upon this group of angry, passionate, brilliant people”. For some of us it was triggered suddenly as for Laura who says that when her mother “was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I became very angry with everything, but particularly with the injustices of the world”. For some, they have always been a feminist but something has made them particularly passionate like Millie “My mum showed me a website called Uni Lad…I was absolutely horrified at how sexist and vicious this site was towards women” or for Jess D it has been a constant undertone of sexism “I have constantly been subject to vast amounts of street harassment and other forms of casual sexism”.
Although there are young feminists, it is very hard to find them sometimes. Me and Jess C know each other in person – in fact it was Jess C who made me aware of feminism –  but apart from that, I know no other young feminists in real life and not from the Internet. Most members of the Twitter Youth Feminist Army are in a similar situation. Some of us have one or two feminist friends in real life but I don’t think any of us have a strong network of other young feminist not on the Internet. Cat has had a down right negative response to her feminism from her peers, saying that “Most of my friends are disinterested in feminism, however some are decidedly disinterested and intimidated by feminism. My friends I attend college with, for example, usually meet my comments on feminism with ‘Don’t burst my BUBBLE!’ and ‘I don’t care.’ along with a chorus of dismay from the rest of the class.”. Tilly is in much the same position as me”I had never really met anyone who was an open, active, passionate feminist. I still don’t know all that many in person.”. Luckily, some of our members, in particular the older members, do have lots of feminist friends and the Twitter Youth Feminist Army is just a one more way of meeting other feminists “Most of the people I’m close to are also feminists,” says Jess D.
This is why the Twitter Youth Feminist Army is so important for our members. It helps you connect to people who support you and your ideas, to meet people who are interested in things you are interested it, to discuss and learn and develop interests in feminist issues such as unequal pay and cuts to women’s services. Tilly said “It makes being a feminist a lot easier and a lot more fun…especially as a young person. That is why I find the Twitter Youth Feminist Army so inspiring…It fills me with hope for the future”. Laura said that “The Twitter Youth Feminist Army made me feel like I was not completely mad”. Millie says that “Being able to have the discussions and make the points that I’ve been aching to make for so long has boosted my confidence in not only my own voice, but the voice of our generation and generations of feminist women and men to come”. Jemma said “Being able to connect with someone who was at the same point in their life as me and had had similar experiences… really encouraged me to go out and talk to people and get involved” and finally Jess D who said “Meeting other young feminists, through TYFA as well as various other channels, has helped massively in my journey, because it has clarified my position that feminism is alive and well and still important and relevant to women of all ages”.
I would like to end with a quote from an older feminist who is not in the Twitter Youth Feminist Army. “It’s kind of like reading about a tube of smarties exploding via Twitter”.

This post about the Twitter Youth Feminist Army has had lots of input from 11 member who have all worked very hard in putting this together and they are: Jelly (Jess C), Cat, Tilly, Emily, Jemma, Jess D, Laura, Alice and Millie.

This blog was writen for a bloghop hosted by The Real SGM for the 16 days of activism on violence against women and girls (http://therealsgm.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/16-days-of-action-on-violence-against.html)
For more information about the Twitter Youth Feminist Army then there are contact details on the Contact Us page, including our hashtag (#TwitterYouthFeministArmy). Some members of the Twitter Youth Feminist Army have their own blogs and you can find them of the Twitter Youth Feminist Army page of this blog.