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whoops i was creative again

12 Jun

Look! I drew some more shit! Enjoy! This post leads on from my last attempt (please don’t judge me).

drugs zine 1

drugs zine 2

My mum is a Scientologist, and SERIOUSLY against drugs, and while I see her point, I thought it would be funny to make a zine based on exactly what I’m not meant to do.

fuck you bambi

This has literally no point apart from the fact that I really enjoy swearing, Disney and extensive and time-consuming watercolouring.

diary 2

Another spiky, angry diary.

moonrise kingdom 1

moonrise kingdom 2

A zine about vibes gained after watching the movie Moonrise Kingdom, which was visually wow. I made this with a friend, which was actually really fun and not style-crampin’ at all.

Another zine, this time a shitty attempt at autobiography. Although I am quite proud of the title. It sums me up pretty well, even if you can’t read the writing (ugh why did i write with such a shitty pen oh well no regrets).

iced buns and bad puns 1

iced buns and bad puns 2

This side has a fold out, on the read me page, and on it I’ve written a list of books I want to read and books I’ve read and loved.

And last but not least, the exceedingly strange drago-kitty who just wants to fuck shit up! I blame this on Cat, who gave me a request for ‘kitten breathing fire and insulting me’, and really, how would I refuse? Again, no excuse.

you suck kitty


I can’t draw.

10 Feb

fashion page asos

I can’t draw to save my life. However, despite this affliction, I insist on trying to create some of the things that roll around my head of an evening. The one above was the result of a new magazine and my love for glue and scissors. I really do like making something out of shit left around the house. Pretty proud of this, not gonna lie.

celebrity zine 1

celebrity zine 2

These two were part of a zine mainly made after 2 o’clock in the morning. It was meant to be about the pressures of celebrity and how we follow those who are beautiful for no reason other than physical appearance, but as with most of my zines, ended up as pretty pictures. Sigh. It does look pretty good though, and the FUCK OFF page was suitably inflammatory for my dad to shout at me about my excessive swearing.

diary 1This was the result of a particularly bad day, full of fuckitall and homework and endless ow. I have a few of these, almost diaries scattered around the house and my bedroom, written in spiky black capitals without punctuation. In a leap of pretentious artistic spirit, this was meant to signify by churning, almost incomprehensible cramped thoughts. I sound really depressed here. I assure you that I am not usually.

valentines day ideas

This is late night Valentine’s Day card ideas. I am indeed, a sad sod, as all reports previously have suggested. I do my best stuff late at night, apparently.

I have lots more shit to show, if wishes are expressed that the shit is of good enough quality. I like doodling and writing and everything seems neater and more manageable if it is on paper in a folder tucked under my bed.

Love from Jelly, forever, who promises to send you all Valentine’s cards is she can be bothered.


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